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Melamine Glazing Powder is also known as melamine resin powder, its molecular structure is basically the same as melamine-formaldehyde resin molding powder.

It is a polymers response to formaldehyde and melamine resin powder of dried milled material, and so it’s without pulp, also known as “overlay fine powder.”


Different Types of Glazing Powder

LG110: used for shining tableware made by UMC A1 type;

LG220: used for shining tableware made by MMC A5 type;

LG250: used to brush on the decal paper (various patterns), patterning and shinning the article like tableware, make it more shining and nice.

Physical Property:

Type Moulding Time Flow Rate Volatile Matter Appearance
LG110 18″(tempreture155℃) 195 ≤4% With brightness and nocrack on surface afterheat pressing moulding.
LG220 30″(tempreture155℃) 200 ≤4% ditto
LG250 35″(tempreture155℃) 240 ≤4% ditto



1.It has a good surface hardness, gloss, insulation, heat resistance and water resistance
2.With bright color, odorless, tasteless, self-extinguishing, anti-mold, anti-arc track
3.It is qualitative light, not easily broken, easy decontamination and specifically approved for food contact



It scatters on the surfaces of urea or melamine tableware or decal paper after moulding step to make tableware shinning and beautiful. When used on tableware surface and decal paper surface, it can increase the degree of surface brightening, makes the dishes more beautiful and generous.



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