Why More Glossy of Melamine Tableware from HFM Powder?

The molding process of melamine  tableware is a physical and chemical reaction. Considering from the description of the molding process, the quality and weight of raw material have an important impact on the quality of the finished products.

ball mill for melamine powder

  • Generally, the melamine-formaldehyde resin in the raw material is 70 percentage, and ball milling should be sufficient and thorough.
  •  If there is not enough melamine resin in the raw material, or not enough degree of ball milling of the raw material, the raw material is relatively rough, and insufficient raw material added, the structure of the produced tableware will be relatively loose or  defect. Then the soy sauce and vinegar in daily life will easily penetrate and not easy to remove.

melamine molding compound factory

The melamine powder produced by Huafu Chemicals is 100% pure food grade melamine molding compound.

Since melamine tableware is mainly made of melamine and formaldehyde under certain conditions for polycondensation reaction, and then adding pulp, pigments and other auxiliary agents through mixing, reaction, drying, crushing and ball milling.

The ball milling time of melamine resin by Huafu Chemicals is strictly controlled 12 hours, so that the raw material is fully ball mill, and then the compactness and smoothness of the products are improved. 

In addition, Huafu Chemicals has experienced working team to adjust the fluidity of raw material in accordance with the requirements of the customer’s target market to ensure the yield of the product, coupled with excellent color matching, to help customers quickly win the market.

melamine powder factory supply