How to Purchase the Suitable Melamine Powder for Tableware?

We all know that raw material is very critical in the production of products which means melamine molding compound is also important to melamine products, so how to purchase the suitable melamine powder for your factory?

1. Old Customers

Our cooperation with old customers is always based on their trust in Huafu’s products and our professional sales staff offering best service. According to the difference in the fluidity of melamine molding powder required by the size of the product, we will supply the specific fluidity of melamine powder that meets the needs of your company’s target market.

2.New Customers

Huafu Chemicals will provide free sample powder for new customers if required. Customers can use the sample melamine powder to make melamine products. Then you can judge the material properties of the powder by testing the appearance, color, anti-drop and scratch resistance of the product, and further determine the quality of raw material powder.

melamine formaldehyde molding compound suppliers

For example, a customer we first cooperated with used melamine powder from different manufacturers to make same plates using the same machine. Then test the plates anti-fall properties by dropping them from a height of one meter.

RESULT: The customer found that the melamine plate made of Huafu melamine powder did not have the slightest crack and was as good as ever. The melamine plate made by other company’s raw material has cracks and the edges of the plate are no longer flat.

Finally this customer chose to cooperate with Huafu Chemicals and now he’s our long lasting customer.

Huafu melamine resin powder

This shows the importance of melamine raw material. Good raw material makes good product.

Whether new customers or old customers, Huafu Chemicals will bring you the best quality products and considerate services.