How to Make Double Color Pattern Melamine Powder?

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a method for improving the processing performance and product life of melamine molding powder products, saving resources, increasing the color of molded products, and improving the diversity of molded products.

The preparation method includes A component preparation, B component preparation and finished product preparation.

Melamine Formaldehyde Moulding Compound

A component preparation steps

1. Reaction: In the reactor, the formaldehyde resin is made into a 38% formaldehyde solution in proportion, and the pH value is adjusted to 8.5 in the reactor, and then melamine is added in proportion to react. Heat to 90°C to the end point;

2. Kneading: After cooling to 70°C, put the reactant into a kneader, and add wood pulp fiber and pigment A according to the kneading ratio.

3. Drying: After kneading, enter the oven for drying. The oven adopts a mesh belt hot air oven, which is dried in hot air at 85°C, and the moisture is controlled below 3.5% to obtain dry materials.

4. Ball milling: send the dried materials to the ball mill, add lubricant, curing agent, titanium dioxide and pigment A additives in proportion, and complete the densification and color matching by ball milling in 9 hours;

Preparation steps of component B

The color of component B is different from component A, but the preparation steps are the same.

Finished product preparation: evenly mix component A and component B melamine powders, and then pack them in a paper bag lined with a film. The finished powder should be stored in an environment below 25°C.

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