Pure Melamine Glazing Powder for Melamine Tableware

Chemical Melamine Glazing Powder 

Melamine tableware raw material description – A5 raw material is 100% melamine resin, tableware produced with A5 raw material is pure melamine tableware.

Its characteristics are very obvious, non-toxic and tasteless, lightweight and heat insulation, with ceramic luster, but it is more resistant to bumps than ceramics, not easy to break, and has a delicate appearance. 


Its temperature resistance range is -30 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius, so it is widely used in catering and daily life.

melamine molding powder24

Melamine Foil Paper

Melamine Foil Paper also called Melamine overlay / coated paper.

After printed with different design then compress together with the melamine tableware, the pattern will be transferred onto the surface of the tableware, no limited used for Plate, Mug, Tray, spoon..etc.

The finished ware looks more shining and beautiful. The decal paper pattern will not fade and can be used for a long time.