MMC for Children’s Dinnerware

Melamine is a kind of plastic, but it belongs to thermosetting plastic.

Advantages: non-toxic and tasteless, bump resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance (+120 degrees), low-temperature resistance and so on.

Melamine plastic is easy to color and the color shining and beautiful.


Is melamine toxic?

Everyone may be scared to see melamine compound because its two raw materials, melamine and formaldehyde, are things we particularly hate.

However, after the reaction it change into large molecules, it is considered to be non-toxic.

Withstand temperature of melamine tableware: -30℃- +120℃.

As long as the use temperature is not too high , melamine tableware is not suitable for use in microwave ovens due to the particularity of the molecular structure of melamine plastic.

food grade melamine molding powder

How to wash melamine tableware?

1. Put the newly bought melamine tableware in boiling water for 5 minutes, and then clean carefully.

2. After use, clean up the food residue on the surface first, then use a soft brush or cloth to clean.

3. Immerse it in a sink with a neutral detergent for about ten minutes to easily clean the grease and residue.

4. Steel wool and other hard cleaning products for cleaning are strictly forbidden.

5. It can be put in a dishwasher to wash but cannot heat up in a microwave or oven.

6. Dry and filter the tableware, then put in a storage basket.

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