Melamine Glazing Powder On Decal Paper To Polish Products

Melamine Glazing Powder has the same origin as melamine molding compound. It is also the material of the chemical reaction of formaldehyde and melamine.

Melamine Glazing Powder is used to put on the tableware or on the decal paper to make tableware shinning. When used on tableware surface or decal paper surface, it can increase the degree of surface brightening, makes the dishes more beautiful and generous.



The model LG250 powder must be mixed by hot water and brushed on decal paper. After drying in the air, the decal paper can be used on the tableware in the molding process. Finally, the decal paper and the image on papaer looks very bright and beautiful.   



It is advisable to wear a dust mask while empting the bags. Hand should be throughly washed at the end of the working day and before meals.
Storage at 25 centigrade gives stability for 6 months. Avoid moisture, dirt, packaging demage and high temperature which affect the material’s flow and its mouldability.



FAQ for Melamine Glazing Powder 

Q: Can I get free sample for testing?

A: Yes, 2 kg sample powder for free. If customers’ need, 5kg or 10kg sample powder are available, just the courier charge is collected or you pay us the cost in advance.

Q: What are payment terms?

A: The regular payment terms are L/C and T/T.

Q: What’s your delivery time?

A: It depends on the order quantity. The order delivery time is 15 days.

Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A: Our factory has SGS and Intertek certificates.

Q: How can I view the certificate through your website?

A: You can go visit the homepage of We have a specific section for SGS and Intertek certificates.


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