100% Melamine Formaldehyde Resin Compound

Huafu Chemicals has been committed to the melamine industry since 2000.


  • Huafu melamine-formaldehyde resin compound has good fluidity, excellent molding ability, high gloss, and low free formaldehyde.
  • Excellent color customization can meet the specific needs of each customer.
  • Huafu Chemicals has SGS Intertek certification and also Taiwan technology.


The main differences between 100% melamine (called A5 material in China) and 50% melamine or 30% melamine (commonly known as A1 material or A3 material in China) are as follows:

1. Different composition:

The main components of A5 are melamine formaldehyde resin (melamine formaldehyde resin) about 75%, pulp (Additives) about 20%, and additives (ɑ-cellulose) about 5%; cyclic polymer structure.

The main components of A1 are urea formaldehyde resin (urea formaldehyde resin) about 75%, pulp (Additives) about 20% and additives (ɑ-cellulos) about 5%;

2. Different heat resistance:

A5 heat-resistant 120℃, A1 heat-resistant 80℃;

3. Different sanitary performance:

A5 can pass the national hygienic quality inspection standard, A1 generally cannot pass the hygienic performance test, and can only produce products that do not come into direct contact with food


melamine molding powder17


SGS and Intertek passed melamine moulding compound, click here for more detail information.

SGS Certificate                               No. SHAHG1920367501                                  Date: 19 Sep 2019

The testing result of submitted sample (White Melamine Plate)

Test Method: With reference to Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 of 14 January 2011 Annex III and

Annex V for selection of condition and EN 1186-1:2002 for selection of test methods;

EN 1186-9: 2002 aqueous food simulants by article filling method;

EN 1186-14: 2002 substitute test;

Simulant used Time Temperature Max. Permissible Limit Result of 001 Overall migration Conclusion
10% Ethanol (V/V) aqueous solution 2.0hr(s)  70℃  10mg/dm²  <3.0mg/dm²  PASS 
3% Acetic acid (W/V)aqueous solution 2.0hr(s)  70℃  10mg/dm²  <3.0mg/dm²  PASS 
95% Ethanol  2.0hr(s)  60℃  10mg/dm²  <3.0mg/dm²  PASS 
Isooctane 0.5hr(s)  40℃ 10mg/dm²  <3.0mg/dm²  PASS 

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